Welcome to the arCHROMEtects blog.  This site is basically a portal for the research we’re doing in a Software Architecture course (CISC 322) at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON.  To find out more about the group and the project, check out the About page.

The first part of the project was to find out as much about Google’s browser, Chrome, as possible.  The information we’ve found (articles, videos, charts, etc) can be seen on the Research page, with a brief overview of what’s contained at each URL.

The other parts of the project (which require deliverables) will be updated as their due dates arrive.  They include the processes of discerning the conceptual and concrete architectures, as well as coming up with and figuring out how (and where) to implement two (2) different versions of an architectural enhancement for the browser.

More interesting stuff is to follow…