The second assignment for our project was to try derive the concrete architecture of Google Chrome (version 2.0.3). Using a tool called lsedit (a graphical Landscape editor developed by SWAG at the University of Waterloo) to view & investigate dependencies, we produced what lies in the following presentations & report.

Our conclusions about Chrome and it’s concrete architecture (taken from the presentation):

  • subsystems not as independent as we were led to believe through conceptual work
  • some subsystems not as cohesive as we once thought
  • confusing to work through dependencies in different subsystems
  • hard to maintain conceptual architecture with so many people working on development

For the derived concrete architecture diagram, check out any of the files below. The presentation is more general in terms whereas the report is more specific and breaks the display backend, networking, plugins, JavaScript & XML subsystems down in more detail, explaining some of the unexpected (justified & unjustified) dependencies that we discovered.



  • as submitted (2009-11-16)

lsedit Files

  • chrome.contain, chrome.files.ls.ta & chrome.files.raw.ta (2009-11-14)
  • chrome.contain & chrome.files.raw.ta (2009-11-16)

Something to Remember

All of our group’s members are undergraduate students doing this project as a learning experience, using limited information to arrive at our conclusions, so they may or may not be correct. We faced many limitations in trying to arrive at our conclusions, which you can check out at the end of either the presentation or the deliverable. If you have any comments on the content (positive or otherwise), feel free to post them at the bottom of this page.


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